Nursery school for your child

If you are looking for an excellent preschool child, be sure to tour the Montessori schools in the area. These classrooms are multi-age classrooms usually to split into four main categories including practical life, sensory, math, and language. Many schools also have an outdoor learning environment areas. Find a qualified school teacher, a good teacher / child ratio, and a solid reputation in the community.

in the field of practical life

In the field of practical life Montessori preschool classroom is the basis for other academic learning. to promote activities in this field independence, coordination and respect for the environment. Instead of playing plastic toys, there are real dishes to wash, child-sized household tools like brooms and dustpans and pitchers to pour the liquid. The children are encouraged to draw up, and trusted to do so.

Sensory Area

The children and their senses in this area in the classroom allows them to do just that. There are practical activities to teach them concepts such as the narrow width, large to small, and the color is right. There are rolling sound that kids and shake match the sounds. There are touch-tablet to the children, according to the same roughness or smoothness. Surfaces “There are also matching activities to help students meet the smell, such as scented candles.

Area Math

Instead of simply relying on their memories flash cards and math facts, Montessori students learn mathematics through exploration. They count objects, beads and move these specific techniques of abstract concepts numbers. When children interact with the environment in this way, they grow to understand mathematical concepts more thoroughly than memorization.

language Area

The language field, the children are exposed to articles, books, and vocabulary cards to help your love letters and reading. Sandpaper Letters drawn by children to learn the alphabet sounds and visual contact. This multi-sensory approach helps them preserve the voices, and then build short words, and finally read. It moves from writing to printing forms and letters in pencil. Many of the activities in practical life and the sensory areas are created to facilitate a pencil grip and move left a letter in preparation for reading.

If you want your child to learn, have fun, and a respected member of a school community, and a high quality Montessori school. In addition to the above activities, a lot of kindergarten is an outdoor art work, gardening and woodworking. Read the kindergartens in the area, and the tour schedule to find one that fit you and your child. Many kindergartens are kindergartens and primary programs.

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